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Rent accommodation

Rules of stay

1. Upon the arrival to the apartment you need to pay the entire stay to our representative, who shall meet you at the apartment, and leave a security deposit in the amount of the one night's cost of the apartment or a document proving your identity.
Deposit is mandatory and shall be refunded upon check-out. Deposit is not refundable in case of violation of the rules specified in this document.

2. Calculated hour of stay in the apartment is 12: 00 (twelve o'clock), i.e. no matter what time you check-in, you need to check-out before 12:00 of departure day. Staying after 12: 00 shall negotiable with the manager in advance and paid separately, one hour of stay is 10% of the apartment daily cost, if the check-out is delayed due to the guests' reasons, each extra hour is charged at 10% of the daily stay cost if the apartment is vacant. If the apartment is booked for other guests, and the delay due to the guest's fault prevents the next guests checking-in, the deposit shall not be refundable!

3. Accounting documents (receipt, contract, act of work performed) can be obtained in the office, or delivered to you by courier within your period of stay. If you want to specify more than the actual amount in the receipt, you need to negotiate that with the manager by phone.

4. If you have agreed on a certain period of stay, and you reduce the period of stay upon arrival at the apartment, the apartment price may increase, since you could have been given a discount due to the longer stay.

5. Smoking in the apartment is strictly prohibited, and if maid detects the smell of smoke at the check-out, a fine shall be charged in the amount of 10 000 tenge (for 2 hours of apartment ventilation), it is forbidden to walk around the apartment in shoes!

6. If you wish to extend your stay in the apartment beyond the paid period, it is possible only if the apartment is not booked for these dates. To extend your stay to the apartment you need to declare it in advance, and immediately pay in advance if possible, if you are certain that you will extend your stay, we shall keep the apartment booked on the basis of an oral statement, but in case if you refuse to extend less than 5 days before the end of the paid period, the deposit shall not be refundable!
Please understand, as we refuse other guests with your application for extension!

7. Our company provides free cleaning and changing of linen once every five days, it is mandatory, please be aware that we have to check the condition of the apartment and keep it clean.

Warning: Our apartments are not suited for banquets and any other celebrations, as well as loud  music and other noise. In case of violation of this paragraph, we have the right to evict you without a refund of payment and deposit.

Dear guests, we are glad that you have used the services of our company! We will put our best effort to make you feel cozy and comfortable in our apartments, please take care of furniture and household appliances, do not damage the internal arrangement of the apartment, as other people who also want to relax comfortably will come in after you. Thanks in advance!

"TRILLIONER" company administration

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